Google Chrome and Hotmail

Google Chrome and Hotmail 09-02-2008
Originally uploaded by ozl

Here is a Screen i took today (spanish)
Google Chrome doesnt work with Google’s best friend: HOTMAIL lol
who cares! i dont even use my hotmail or live email, just for msn messenger at home and i use Palringo on my iPhone…
The only thing i DIDNT LIKE about Google CHROME is that it doesnt have a built in Search box! where is it? all other web browsers have one…
Good day people!
BTW im using Vista SP1 with a Theme called Glassglow

Bueno, he estado probando el Nuevo Google Chrome, que se siente ligero y compacto, aunque no abre el Hotmail no me importa, pues lo uso solo en el messeenger en mi escritorio, porque cuando ando fuera de casa uso palringo para chatear desde mi iphone, lo unico que NO ME GUSTO del CHROME es que NO tiene un BUSCADOR a un lado, asi como todos los demas navegadores, porque no se lo pusieron?
Por cierto, estoy usando Vista SP1 con un tema llamado Glassglow
Saludos gente…

~ by Ozl on September 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Google Chrome and Hotmail”

  1. The search box is the omnibar that is the address bar and the search box combined.

  2. What do you know, i got PWNED!!haaaa thanks!! well i knew that, but you kind of get used to the little box on the side, but o well, this is just a beta…Checkout the new ZDNET announcement on the CHROME Vulnerability… YIKES!Still Chrome could become my best Browser!

  3. Update:Hotmail or Windows Live Mailok now it works with chrome fine…

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