How to make a Transparent Screen

How to make Transparent Screens

Inspired by this flickr album,I determined to take a similar photo for my laptop.I did,see

Ooop,this transparent screen is not very successful compared to others,because of the sunshine and my reflection.However,as I’m not a professional photographer and the time is limited and my laptop is not produced by Apple (Mac is a better choice),I think this picture can be tolerated.

How to make it?

Trust me,it’s very easy to make your own Transparent Screen.

in my case,it requires only three things:A laptop(or PC or Mac or anything that with a screen),a digital camera and patience.

First,find a certain place you stand (or sit),take the first photo of the background without the laptop.

Then,import the photo to your image edit software and cut the area you need,set the edited photo as your wallpaper.

After that,stand (or sit) where you just took the first photo,and choose right direction and distance to shoot photos that looks like transparent.Special attention should be taken to the lines on the screen (like the edge of desk) that are to match background,so taking more photos and being patience is the key to a perfect work.


~ by Ozl on October 23, 2008.

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  1. Nice!

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